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Catering Menu

We dedicate ourselves to making enjoyable food that tastes like it was made with all the care and attention that you might get from Grandma. Or your friend’s Nana. We pay careful attention to food intolerances and want there to be something for everyone. You’ll see there are variations to accommodate different requirements. We rarely use a packaged seasoning, preferring to make them from scratch; that means grinding achiote seeds to create our own “sazon”, roasting dried chili peppers for creating chili-based sauces and marinades. Our catering menu offers complete meals in addition to small bites. Email us at to discuss your event!


Please contact us for pricing information. Hand pies come in a variety of doughs and fillings, all handmade from scratch by us. Our signature dough is a butter-based shortcrust (pie crust), made with a blend of local flours and either buttermilk or fresh whey from our housemade cheese. Our olive oil dough is leavened lightly with yeast, and is our favorite option for vegan pies. Our gluten-free dough is carefully made in the same kitchen, with buckwheat, tapioca starch, egg, and butter. Arepas can be a vegan & GF option, made with Colombian-style masa (pre-cooked cornmeal) and olive oil. Potstickers & pierogi are made with a blend of unbleached & local flour and egg (pierogi also get whey) - unless made vegan or GF by special request.

Hand Pies

regular or miniature

Signature, gluten-free, or olive oil dough

Stuffed arepas


Pierogi w/caramelized onion and sour cream

Filling options for signature dough pies


Sausage roll

House made sausage with ground pork, Canadian bacon, English style herbs and spices, breadcrumbs


Beef with sweet peppers, Cuban seasoning, raisins, green olives and capers

Pie & Mash

Minced beef , Veggies (onion, mushroom & carrot), brown ale. Served w/ mashed potatoes and parsley liquor (a light gravy)

Chicken marsala Pie

Chicken marsala with porcini and crimini mushrooms, onions

*not available gluten free

Traditional Cornish Style Pasty

Cornish pasty Very traditional - available starting in late October - golden turnips, onions, beef, potato

Chorizo & Peppers Pie

House made chorizo with bell peppers, zucchini, tomato, onions, garlic, smoked paprika

swiss pantry pie

a delightful combination of spiced Italian speck (air cured & smoked ham), apples, leeks, potatoes, and Raclette & Jarlsberg cheeses.


Mushroom & Oaxacan cheese Pie

Mushroom & Oaxacan cheese w/scallions, cilantro, garlic, and salsa roja

Poblano Con Queso Pie

Poblano con queso w/cream cheese, Manchego, and queso fresco, and salsa roja.

Potato & Welsh Cheddar Pie

Potato & Welsh Cheddar mashed potatoes, Welsh cheddar, sneaky onions, and Colmans English mustard.


Spinach, swiss chard, feta cheese, dill, scallions.

Spinach & Farmer Cheese Pie

Spinach & farmer cheese spinach, housemade cheese, Lebanese seasoning, scallions in our olive oil dough.

Vegan Chickpea & Kale Pie

Vegan Chickpea & kale w/ Marcona almond & Manzanilla sherry sauce in our olive oil dough.

Tempeh Empanada

Tempeh empanada with bell pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, mild spices, olives & raisins. Vegan crust available.


Potsticker fillings: ground meat of choice, or soy curls, with herbs, spices, vegetables. Served w/ soy-maple dipping sauce

Meal options

Pollo en jocon Chicken in a Guatemalan pepian sauce, w/ground pumpkin & sesame seeds, tomatillos, potatoes, cilantro, scallions.

Roasted butternut squash in a vegan version of the above pepian sauce.

Baked rice is the traditional accompaniment.

*We can also make fresh tortillas, or provide store-bought upon request. Salad and/or roasted vegetables as a side option.

Baked chicken in Adobo (Caribbean, not Phillipine). Garlic, oregano, cumin are the primary flavors.*

Baked tofu is available, seasoned in the same way as the chicken, for a vegan option. Served with Cuban style black beans, baked white rice, and salad with cilantro, mint, and fresh citrus vinaigrette.

Carne asada sliced steak with chimichurri sauce, served with rice , beans, and salad as listed above.

Peruvian style roast chicken, Roasted with garlic, smoked paprika, cumin, and served with Aji amarillo sauce(spicy, mayo based sauce).

Vegetarian Canary bean stew with carrots, peppers, and tomatoes as a veg option; served with quinoa and/or rice, salad with avocado & fresh herb dressing (vegan mayo based).

Yassa Chicken Lemon-marinated chicken, braised with thyme, red onion, and green olives, served with baked yams, rice, stewed collard greens or kale, and Red-Red (black-eyed peas cooked in a tomato based ginger, garlic, and cumin sauce). Made red with Honduran grown, eco-harvested red palm oil.